How to Find Your
Style Success 2022

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When was the last time you felt like the most confident woman in the room ?
Imagine how it feels to step into your next level self!
Imagine feeling so good in who you are and how you look that your self imiage and self esteem skyrocket ?
How does it feel ?
Do you need some help in shifting out of the procrastination zone into the style and success zone?

Do you find yourself dreaming of a version of yourself and the success you want to achieve?

You've made steps towards your goals in the past but life gets faster and as more is added to your to do list and you end up exhausted, frustrated, stuck in a rut and still no further forward!

Don't worry I fully understand and I used to be the same too!


Feeling good about yourself and your image is never all about the clothes (honest). It's about feeling totally confident in who you are and how you want to be seen. It's knowing what you like and what you don't! It's about truly understanding yourself and becoming the best version of yourself - it's about defining and owning your style, it's about creating and owning your success, and it's about developing the right mindset - but above all it's about you being totally confident and happy being you!


I am so excited to be relaunching my group online 6 Secrets to Style Success programme in early February 2022 - this life changing group programme brings all the tools and techniques I use within my style coaching service to help you break free from self doubt, discover who you are and how you want to be seen, build your confidence in your own signature style, develop an effortless wardrobe and start to create the success you want in 2022 in all areas of your life through my steps to style and success.


These transformational group sessions are being held LIVE again for one final time (next time I launch this it will be recorded sessions). The masterclasses are all hosted by me and take place over 6 dedicated Zoom sessions with a focussed group of women all wanting to learn, create and understand more about their own individual style, unlocking their style success from the inside out and becoming the best version of themselves everyday.

















Each week we take on a new style success topic:






















Remember - This is the ideal way to work with me if you are not quite ready to book or invest in a 1-2-1 programme with me just yet ...


All members also receive access to a private Facebook group dedicated to the course - with updates, course materials, extended challenges held in a private style vault PLUS regular Q&A sessions with me throughout the course

  • I am accessible via Voxer throughout the 6 week course and work closely with all my course members.

  • Each week is recorded so participants unable to watch live can watch it back. However ladies, participation is key ! If you want to see results - taking part is essential to your success!

This course membership is being offered at the NEW YEAR incredible price of just £445 per person and can be paid in full or in two monthly payments of £225 


PLUS as a NEW YEAR BONUS why not upgrade and become a VIP course member and also receive:

  • A one hour 1-2-1 zoom call with me to discuss your style success (normally £180 on its own)

  • A personal online style board with shoppable links to enhance your signature style (normally over £150)

The full VIP course membership is yours for the incredible investment of just £595 (that's just £150 extra including both the bonuses (payable in one payment of £595 or two instalments of £300)

The value of these programmes is incredible and will only be available for a limited time only- working with Janine one to one in a programme like this would usually cost in excess of £1500...

Prefer to sign up and pay offline or via bank transfer - no worries click here

By the end of the 6 week programme you will have Reframed your mindset and grown in self e