Image Branding Power Hour

Image Branding Power Hour


Brand Image - If you don't have a brand in business you will find it hard to stand out!  A branding 'Power Hour' session is the deal way to start, level up or develop your personal brand image for business.  Using my combined 25 years of marketing and style coaching experience I can help you get confident and visible in your style.


Does your image match your brand?  

Do you know what your brand image is ?


Choose to 

  • Define your personal brand values and discover your personal brand image​ and personality and help you get visible,

  • Learn how to prepare and what to wear for your brand headshots and photo shoot.

  • Learn the importance of body language and showing up authentically as yourself with impact for success.

  • Learn how to create a style and outfits that uses colour, is on brand and makes you feel confident.


This session includes a call / questionnaire to discuss the consultation in preparation  for the appointment