Colour Me Confident

Colour Me Confident


“The Best Colour in the whole world is the one that looks best on you”. Coco Chanel. 

Within this 90 minute session we will determine the colour palette that will animate your style and appearance. Using colours that enhance you personally can help you look and feel either more confident, attractive, younger, taller, slimmer, heathier. Wearing the right colours also creates a happier, more empowered mood.  

With the use of professional colour drapes, capes and swatches we will discover the palette of colours that flatter your skin tone, hair and eye colour through a series of exciting observations and analysis. 

You will learn about your personal colour characteristics, your dominant and secondary colour characteristics as well as confirming your precise seasonal palette.  Janine will then show you how to use the colours from your palette within your wardrobe using the right combinations to change an outfit from ordinary to extra-ordinary.

At the end of the session you will leave with lots of tips, a colour palette card and a copy for your colours in a handy phone swatch. Colour swatch wallets available at extra cost.

Finally, I will provide you with a colour analysis wallet (this will be available to collect within a few days of your colour analysis session along with notes).