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When did you last prioritise yourself ?

Prioritising yourself and making time for you is so important and that includes making time for your self image too -when you look good, you feel good, your confidence grows and you feel happier!

I know you have a lot of priorities; taking care of your family, taking care of your career and business, taking time to lose those lockdown pounds (I know the struggle is real - lol), you're busy right! And I know prioritising yourself is not at the top of the list, is it ever ladies! Well that needs to change ... because to give to others and be successful we have to give to ourselves first!

So how do you start to prioritise your personal style and create the space to develop your style co


Here’s 5️⃣ tips for you:

1️⃣Seek inspiration - it can be found everywhere, so start to take notice of what others are wearing as you're out, as you're watching TV, or scrolling through social media. These don’t need to be pieces that you necessarily wear either, use inspiration around you to let your creativity in your style develop and grow.

2️⃣Step out of the comfort zone - Go on commit yourself to trying one new style - something that feels good on you. While you're out shopping, look out for something that has inspired you, something you feel a connection with as we want to develop your confidence in your own style now, so go for it!

3️⃣Try it on (if you can) even if don't want to buy it, but by breaking out of your comfort zone and trying something new, you might surprise yourself and find a new colour, style, print or silhouette that works well for your body shape.

4️⃣Plan your outfits in advance! Planning your outfits is not only a big time saver but it's a huge stress relief and a confidence booster too. Spend some time weekly putting different outfits together from your wardrobe rather than reaching for the same old one again and again.

5️⃣Book time with an Image Consultant (like me!) to rediscover your style and spend time defining and developing your style and confidence for YOU - make yourself a priority!

Make yourself a priority!


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