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Wearing Colour with Confidence

Did you catch my Wearing Colour with confidence series back in the Summer - below as a reminder are two short videos to give you a boost - Lets start with two of the primary colours Blue and Red ...

I used to underestimate the power of wearing colour, living in darker colours for work and hiding away in black all the time! Now I embrace colour, I love to express my true personality and mindfully boost my mood and mindset through what the colours I wear. Injecting colour into your wardrobe is so easy to do and I can show you the perfect palette of colours to make you feel confident for any occasion too. The colours you wear not only affect your mood but those around you! So if you want to impress at an interview, calm an audience, radiate happiness or bring peace to a room contact me for your online or in person colour consultation and together let's find your WOW colours ....

Have you enjoyed these - let me know what you would like to learn about next ?

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