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The Power of Colour... Part 1

Knowing your colour characteristics is a really powerful way to boost confidence in your own style and beauty routine, plus yes you can even save money too in the long term as when you understand the right colours that really work for you, you will no longer make the same buying mistakes again! How great is that!

Imagine a world without colour - what a super strange place it would be! Think of a beautiful sunny day with a clear blue sky, over a field of yellow corn in bright sunshine. How does this make you feel ? Turn your mind to a dark and grey day with no sun in the sky, and the feeling is completely different! Colour has the absolute power to change our mood. Light is absorbed through our eyes and our skin and it has a psychological and emotional impact not only on our own mood but the people around us as well. We have the power to mindfully influence how we feel each day with what we wear ... isn't that amazing!

Did you know on average women only wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time? However, once you have had your own personal colour consultation this will change as you understand and work with clothes in your wardrobe that totally complement each other and your style. The old habits of hiding away safely in classic black outfits will disappear as you embrace your new found love of colour. Black can really only be worn well up close to the face by a few ... If it's not your best colour there are ways to wear it still, away from the face, v neck tops, high neck tops with a scarf or a bold piece of jewellery in a complementery colour closer to your face, plus bold lipstick and make up can bring colour to the face too.

So which are your best colours? Colour has three different elements:

The Undertone (the hue) which is which is either warm or cool, the Intensity which determines how dark or light the colour is (the value) and the Clarity which tells us how pure the colour is (the Chroma) for instance a bright green is clear in clarity but a dark green has a toned down chroma. Each person has three visible characteristics that we assess in a private consultation- eyes, hair and skin undertone these are either warm, cool, deep/dark, muted, light or clear/bright. We always look at the dominant and secondary charactaristic to help detemine the seasonal analysis but I then I will use my professional colour drapes to confirm the perfect tonal colours for each person - the drapes are the most powerful tool and so much is revealed through the use of these in each fun and interactive session with me! When you wear clothes that harmonise with your natural charactatistiics the colours will complement and harmonise beautifully. Voila!

The right colours will:

  • Give the illusiion of lighting up the face

  • Make you look fresher and younger

  • Harmonise with the skintone

  • Help to disguise fine lines, dark circles and blemishes

  • Enhance your natural eye colour

  • Soften features

  • Increase confidence outwardly

in contrast the wrong colours will:

  • Show up any dark shadows under the chin and face

  • Accentuate fine lines and wrinkies and dark circles around the eyes

  • Give an uneven skin tone or make the skin look pale or sallow

  • Detract from you - you will see the colour before we see you

Do you know what colours look best on you, think of the colours that family and friends always say look great on you whenever you wear them! Chances are this will be one of your 'wow' colours.  Have a look in your wardrobe and see what colours you have hiding away, experiment in front of the mirror and work out what looks good.... embrace colour into your world! Don't worry it doesn't need to be head to toe colour either, dip a toe in first by trying a colourful scarf, a belt, jewellery or shoes. Neutrals should always make up the majority of our wardrobes too but learning to add the right colour will really add the 'wow' factor to your outfit and your day!

If you'd like to work with me and find your own wow colours through a private consultation contact me to reserve your onoine or 1-2-1 personal Colour & Style Consultation

Within a colour consultation we discuss the colours you love to wear but also reflect on your own colour personality, I use my professional colour drapes to find the best colours and neutrals to combine for you using the tonal twelve seasonal approach to colour, most people will be familiar with as Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. The 12 season approach is more advanced and accurate than the traditional method particularly for those clients who fall between seasons. Make up is also so important so every client receive a make up pamper using their best colours along with a seasonal colour wallet to take home.


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