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Summertime shopping

Well here we are in June, 6 months into the year !!! Wow⁠. To think in January the word Covid-19 was alien to us all!

How much have you missed your favourite clothes shops though? ⁠

How do you feel about them opening again this month?⁠

I know I will be in the queue with some returns from my March pre skiing wardrobe buys for sure....⁠

There could be a temptation for people to go crazy and buy, buy, buy in the excitement of the reopening, especially as there will be a lot of summer sales within the retailers wanting to sell as much as they can as quickly as they can, Primark springs to mind immediately !!⁠

💖 Want to be a savvy shopper ? Here's a quick reminder of a some mindful questions to ask yourself before you head to the checkout .... ⁠

💓 Does this piece suit your body shape?⁠

💓 Does it have the ‘feel good factor’? You should love it.⁠

💓 Does it harmonise with your Style Personality?⁠

💓 Is the colouring right for your colour season?⁠

💓 Is the pattern perfect for you?⁠

💓 Is this a great addition to your wardrobe?⁠

💓Can you style it three or more ways with other pieces you aleady have?⁠

💓How often will you wear it - does it suit your lifestyle?⁠

💓Is it within your budget?⁠

💓Is it an impulse buy? ⁠

This is a #sustainable way to build a wonderful wardrobe that works for you and your lifestyle... #shoppingsavvy

If you're busy or shopping just feels a bit overwhelming I can can help with pre shopping advice and also online shopping, you will soon be able to book me again for socially distancing shopping trips too but in the mean time I am online for you....💋 ⁠

Book your free discovery call today and let me help you navigate your way out of lockdown into your authentic summer style.⁠



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