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Step into your style

To become unforgettable you need to show up - you need to be seen, you need to be heard and you need to be remembered… there are no prizes for playing hide and seek when you’re looking to get visible in your personal brand!

Did you know that only 7 % of how we communicate our meaning is through spoken word, 38 % is through tone of voice but 55 % is through body language and that includes appearance! Wow huh ..

I know some people feel they can’t show their face on social media or that they worry what other people will think of them when they put themselves ‘out there’ visually or are nervous about going to networking meetings or board meetings so they hold back and hide (usually in black), they dress down to feel safe, but the truth is you can’t play small, if you want to be remembered you have to be seen.

You need to:

💯Be genuine

💯Be authentic

💯Be unique

💯Be an expert

💯Show up

💯Be consistent

💯Be kind

💯Dress confidently


By totally discovering and tuning into who you are, your values, how you want to be seen, dressing for you, your style and your success plus mapping out your vision and your goals helps you become confident and unstoppable in your personal style and brand.

So t work on getting visible and how you can show up as the confident. stylish version of you and if you need help start with my BRAND 🆕🆓 ‘do you have a winning personal brand’ test available here now and find out if you’re stepping into yours .....

So, How is your brand image shaping up ?


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