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Shorts over 40 ! Hell yeah...

Come summertime one of the questions I receive most often is about shorts! How do I style them? Should I still wear them over 40, 50... ?

As you know I am firmly in team 'shorts' over 40 (and I am now over 50) but of course I totally understand that is a personal choice, however, please don't let age dictate whether you wear something you still love or not. But before you decide about wearing a pair of denim shorts (that won’t make you feel like you’re channeling your daughters teenage vibe) here's my tips for choosing the perfect pair :

Fit - the fit of the denim short is important, so sizing up is one of the easiest and biggest tips I can give you for starters! You don't want the dreaded muffin top look and there is something about an easier fitting slouchy denim short that looks way nicer on the body - so give yourself some breathing room. Also a wider leg opening makes your legs look smaller and when you have bigger thighs (hands up - thats me!) its a great way of making your thighs look smaller.

photo credit - Pinterest - Hush

Rise & Inseam - I prefer a higher waisted, high rise denim short (I favour about an 11" and I am 5ft 6") which to me feels more flattering! If you are petite or long bodied bear in mind too a high rise denim will make your legs look longer. A short between a 9" to 12" rise is a high rise. For the inseam again its personal preference but If you are tall, you may prefer to go for a denim short with more length in the leg (inseam) itself. Stick to an inseam of approximately 3.5 to 5 inches unless you are petite or very tall. Pick a length that is flattering but not frumpy!

Bend and Snap! - In the words of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde ... bend down in them to try them out, do you feel like your derrière is poking out - if so then they probably aren't the right fit and you may need more length in the rise!

Colour - generally as with jeans a darker denim is more flattering to the leg. I prefer a medium to light wash in a denim jean. White is lovely but looks best with a bit more colour (or fake tan) to the legs!

Style - the style you choose and what you wear them with totally depends on your own style personality (do you know yours?)- you may prefer a more classic longer length denim short worn with an oversized shirt or whote T but if you prefer a more of a natural boho look then the raw hem distressed look denim such as the Agolde will be fab - The Parker are my all time favourites they are so flattering ! I have lived in them for two summers now and have just invested in a darker denim pair too. I also have two great pairs from H&M as well so you don't have to splash the cash to get a great fit... Style with a simple white T, a blouse, wear a longer dress unbuttoned over the top, or add a classic blazer to dress them up a little too ..

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