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SALE.. Did someone say sale....

OK, we all love a bargain. But when is a bargain a real money saver and when is it not?

No sooner than the Christmas turkey has gone cold the adverts start for post Christmas sales! We've spent the whole of December preparing for that one day and then we feel like we're under starters orders again in readiness for the madness of a must have SALE! Good news is we don't even need to leave our comfy armchair nowadays, with the popularity of online shopping it'd even easier to find that bargain we love (or think we love).

So, if you are braving the shops online or on the high street what should you be looking for and what really is a bargain! I've put together a few tips for you below to help you stay focussed in your excitement! If you are heading to to the shops before you go, make sure you're wearing comfy shoes, the correct well fitting underwear and clothes that are easy to get in and out of - because you really should try everything on before you buy It, honest! If you can't, or don't want to try items on, check the returns policy carefully as lots of shops will only exchange, they won't refund !


Did you want it before it went in the sale? OK, this is a tricky one because we all see lovely clothes, shoes and accessories in the sale that we maybe hadn't even noticed before and now they've got 50% off - we absolutely need them, right ?! But before you rush to the till take a moment to think about how you can wear it! Can you style it three ways? Was it on your 'to buy' list or in your mind, will it fill a gap in your wardrobe or do you have four other items IN the same style or colour? Too many times in the past I would buy a dress just because it was a bargain and I loved it at the time but it would then sit in my wardrobe unworn, labels still on because I had nowhere to wear it. Remember, every piece of clothing is an investment and we should try to get as much wear out of it as possible. If you are not entirely sure when you try it on - put it back, don't buy it just because it's in the sale!

Does it fit you properly? I've lost count of the amount of people who've said to me they bought something to slim into it! Or the designer shoes that felt a bit tight but they've always wanted a pair! Don't do it people .... please! You won't wear them... Unless of course you are on an absolute definite path to a weight goal that you're near to achieving or it really is just a couple of pounds after the Christmas festivities. Here's why, you should feel good when you try something on, it should fit and make you feel amazing and confident and accentuate your figure - you should LOVE It. Chances are too, if you are losing weight by the time you get to your goal you'll want to treat yourself to some new styles anyway If you really want the items it's better to buy a little bigger than too small as It is much easier to get an item taken in by a tailor than to get it let out. If you are stood there trying to figure out how it will work in your wardrobe, you have nothing that goes with it or it feels bit snug around the shoulders, will you really reach to wear it? I` doubt it ....put it back!

Does it suit your lifestyle ? When we shop we use our imaginations, we visualise ourselves wearing at item and feeling great. Before you buy it weigh up if it suits your current lifestyle though. Life changes and so do we, so if you spend the majority of your week at work you'll need more work clothes but if you are now spending more time at home or leisure buying lots smart outfits for work won't be ideal. Spend time searching for the items that will enhance your lifestyle and give you more choices in your wardrobe on a daily basis. Try not to buy something for just one occasion either - look at how you can wear it, better for it to be classic led rather than trend led piece. You can always add accessories to and outfit to change the look and feel of it over the season too.

Does it suit your own style personality ? We see someone else wearing something and think it will look great great on us. We've all had those pieces in our wardrobe! It's on trend, it looks great on a friend, celebrity or influencer - so it will look great on me! But when you try it on it doesn't feel like you - something just doesn't work! When you know your own true style personality and how to dress for your body shape your stop making costly mistakes and buy clothes that you know reflect you and your authentic style personality. It's something I help clients discover all the time. `My advice is if it doesn't feel like you and you don't immediately feel confident and happy wearing it, it has no place in your wardrobe, whatever the shop assistant says, you shouldn't need to talk yourself into loving what you wear! You know when you feel great in something .... it makes you feel confident and you love wearing it.

Does the colour suit you ? When you understand the colours that truly suit you shopping becomes so much easier. Keep in mind the colours that really work and compliment your skin tone and hair colour. Don't be tempted by a bargain when you know its a colour that really won't work for you in your wardrobe. Good things to buy in the sales are neutral colours that will work all year round in your wardrobe.

Don't save things for best ? Some people have an aversion to wearing the clothes they have just spent their hard earned money on purchasing even in the sale. They will save them for best to wear somewhere really special - the never comes around. Everyday is a gift, everyday is special - you are special! Don't save clothes for best - wear them! Leaving them hanging in the wardrobe is not saving them for best, it's just a waste of your money.... wear them and love them

Don't shop after a night on the town? Now, I know after a few glasses of wine the temptation is strong (especially as our inhibitions are free), its so easy. to go online and spend, spend, spend especially with all the sale bargains to be found! But hold on, as many an unrequited purchase has been made through 'booze goggles' late at night with a fuzzy and excitable head. Then the parcel arrives and we think.......eeeeekkkkkk, did I really order that and you're stuck as you can't send it back ! Save your shopping for the daytime hours, much safer... I promise ( and I am speaking from experience - lol).

Over the years and now as a Personal Stylist I've learnt not to go mad in the sales. I've learnt there is usually a good reason it has gone into the sale! I do keep my eye out for rhe items i've been coveting or haven't been able to afford until the sale though. It is an opportunity to buy something you truly love for sure, but if I am totally honest, I don't think there's anything I` have bought in a sale that has turned into a 'most loved item' and has lasted in my wardrobe for years...... yet!

Happy Shopping

Love Janine

Style Coach

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