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  • Janine - Own Your Style

Reclaim your Style Success!

Step out of the shadows, it’s time to be seen, heard and remembered!

As an accredited Style Coach™ I am passionate about helping women feel amazing inside and out, increasing their self-confidence and elevating their self-esteem so they can be seen, heard and remembered. I believe everyone should feel confident being themselves in their style, their personal brand, the image they present and that they should not compare themselves to others!

We all need to be totally authentic and dress for ourselves, no one else! Part of feeling great can be wearing clothes, shoes, accessories, fabrics, and amazing colours that reflect yourself through your style. So, where do you start?

One of the first questions I ask my clients is 'What does 'style success' mean to you"?

Imagine how it feels, get clear before you begin!

  • Is it breaking free from the style rut you feel you're in and reflecting who you are now?

  • Is it being seen and taken seriously in your career or business?

  • Is it saying goodbye to all the black in your wardrobe and embracing more colour?

  • Is it accepting your wonderful body just as it is - you want to look and feel good?

Your checklist for Self Esteem & Style Confidence...

Avoid negative self-talk ✔️
Make a list of your strengths ✔️
Stop comparing yourself to others ✔️
Set manageable daily goals ✔️
Make time for regular exercise ✔️
Be kind to yourself ✔️
Spend time with people who make you happy ✔️
Dress with confidence ✔️
Use positive affirmations ✔️
Don't save things for best ✔️

Invest in yourself ✔️