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Plan your week ahead with confidence

I have to be honest I never used to plan for my working week and I'd get to the end of each day and feel like I hadn't made any progress at all - it was so frustrating!

I felt like a runaway train! I was trying to do everything, going at high speed and getting nowhere! Anyone relate? Since building my business and focussing on setting each day up the right I now plan my week out in advance including the outfits I am going to wear when I go out and about to meetings (yay to that again this week).

Planning for the working week allows me to be focussed and this includes making sure I don’t overwhelm myself and plan some me time too! Burnout is never a good plan for anyone and when you are running your own business it’s so easy to work all hours without setting your own time boundaries !

These are my top 5 Tips of planning for your week ahead.

1️⃣Get your to do list ready with three things you can achieve each day.

2️⃣ Block time your day for greater productivity and less procrastination

3️⃣ Plan meals for the week - how many times do you hear 'what’s for dinner' Plan your menu ahead, you'll save time and money!

4️⃣ Plan your outfits for the week - the best outfit planning comes when you are not in a rush or feeling the morning stress. Take photos of outfits in advance of easier and pick your favourites for the week.

5️⃣ Plan your ME time, some RELAX time – it’s as important as all the other tasks, make time for you and you'll have more time for others!

Have a productive week and enjoy the easing of lockdown this week - it’s been a long time coming...


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