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Weekend Pamper time !

Weekends are the perfect time to relax and enjoy your own facial massage spa experience! Here is how I do mine ...

Watch how here and there's a step-by-step guide below too*.

I am using all Tropic skincare from my studio - I use Tropic as it's naturally derived, vegan cruelty free, and is all made fresh in the Tropic beauty kitchen here in the UK.

  • Steam your face with a warm cloth - I use a bamboo face cloth with Tropic Smoothing Cleanser - The smell of the Eucalyptus oil reminds of being at the spa!

  • Be gentle - when wiping your face with the bamboo cloth and warm water, no pulling!

  • Double cleanse - its so important especially if you have been wearing make up or a mask all day! You'll be surpised how much more you can remove and the skin needs to be clean of all impurities and make up for all your other lovely products to work !

  • Tone - don't skip this part - I spritz with Tropic Vitamin Toner and then use bamboo cotton pads which are far more eco-friendly than traditional cotton wool pads to remove the toner - the pads used should be clear of make up now.

  • Time for the massage - I love to use Tropic Elixir Omega Oil for this, use 3-6 drops of the silky golden oil.

  • Warm it up -in your hands. use upwards motions, avoid the eyes, circle carefully around the eyes - in and around. Use an upwards motion (always) on your whole face and under your chin (don't defy gravity).

  • Plus don't forget the neck area too. This massage will help the blood flow to the face which helps with those pesky fine lines too, increases muscle tone, promotes collagen production and improves skin firmness too - plus you will feel great!

  • Use medium -firm - but not too firm pressure

  • A facial massage of 5-10 minutes, 2-3 times a week is total BLISS!

  • Relax for the evening - apply eye cream/balm - I use Tropic Eye Dream overnight!

  • Allow to sink in but no need to take off prior to sleeping, your skin will to drink in the natural antioxidant blend overnight.

  • All products available from my Tropic Shop -

Enjoy your pamper time


Note: If you have any ongoing serious skin complaints or skin conditions please ensure you are using products skincare that are right for your skin. If in any doubt seek a practicing dertmatologist or ask a skin care expert for an opionio - I am happy to offer advice as a Tropic Ambassador. This is for general guidance only and is how I use my own Tropic products and carry out my home facial massage.