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Monday Mindset …

Mindset is everything …. But changing your mindset can feel hard, however, being positive and having and open mind is such a game changer. Just something super easy as changing the way you think can change your life.

It’s easy to fall into bad habits or a negative cycle of thinking and feeling. Being kind to yourself and working on your mindset always works wonders though and I share all this with my clients..

Here’s just three to get you started :

1️⃣ No more excuses, go do it - don’t keep making excuses in your mind, need to go to the gym, go do it! Need to get your accounts done, no excuses, go do it. Need to reach out to someone but keep putting it off - go do it! Check out Mel Robins 5,4,3,2,1 rule to help overcome those thoughts that keep you safe and hold you back. No more buts … go do it!

2️⃣Belief - you must believe in yourself and to do this start your day positively with self love and affirmations - the strongest way to find belief in yourself! Try saying in a mirror “I am enough” and “I am confident, happy, healthy, and powerful”. “I believe in myself and my capabilities”. “I deserve everything I want in life”. “I love myself unconditionally”.

3️⃣Be present - aka slow down - When you slow down, you begin to find you notice more, things become clearer and you begin to become aware of what resonates with you and what doesn’t. You start becoming present. If you want to change your life, you must be present in your own life!

We always check in on your mindset within my image and bIz branding coaching services, I know how powerful feeling confident is and believe me everyone needs a boost of that from time to time - yep even you!

Find out more about my coaching and image consulting services right here on my website and you can book a free introductory consultation with me too -

Happy new week