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Make your fashion more sustainable…

I’ve set myself a goal to buy less for some while now, and I love clothes! But I want a wardrobe that has longevity, one that is filled with pieces I love to wear year after year ! I’ve now got into the habit of buying quality over quantity much more it has totally changed how I feel about my wardrobe! I also feel like I’m buying sensibly and sustainably which is much better for the planet … by buying quality and investing in pieces I love I have less desire to change them and I wear them longer, they wash beautifully and above all I feel amazing in them.

To be more sustainable though you only need to make small changes to make a big difference.

The small steps you can make to be more sustainable in your wardrobe also include :

Be conscious about your needs and wants - taking time to audit what you have in your wardrobe may not feel like the most exciting way to spend a few hours on a Sunday but spending time giving your wardrobe an edit will save you time and money in the future - I promise. Women wear 20% of their wardrobes so I’ll bet there are quite a few pieces you don’t wear and have been forgotten in your wardrobe too. Time to give it some love - keep what fits, looks great, makes you feel fab and suits your lifestyle too! Make a list of items you are missing, the items you need to shop for. It will stop you buying randomly (which is fun I know but can lead to many duplicates or pieces that don’t match other items in your wardrobe) But don’t throw anything away - you can resell on selling sites such as e-bay, Depop and Vinted, for higher price designer items there are specialist sites. Recycling is now easier than ever and Charity Shops are taking donations again.

Buy second hand - It’s second hand September - so why not pop into your local Charity Shop and have a look around! You will be pleasantly surprised at the quality and the amount available nowadays too! Many a time I have heard stories of people buying pieces for a fraction of the cost and they are brand new! That’s the problem with fast fashion, it’s fast, and in the throw away society we live in the Charity Shops now receive plenty to restock regularly-so before you buy new think about popping in and supporting your local charity shops! The resurgence of Charity Shop shopping is here and it’s here to stay …. Start by joining in with second hand September and see what you can find!

Upcycle old clothing yourself - there are so many ways to upcycle clothes and accessories - t shirts can be tie died, dresses can be turned into skirts, jeans can be cut into shorts, embellishments can be added to garments, shoulder pads removed or replaced, buttons replaced…. the list goes on. If you’re not handy with a sewing machine it’s also a great idea to find a local seamstress who can help you - and they don’t have to cost a fortune either.

Opt for organic, natural or reusable materials- check out what you are really buying, it takes a few minutes to check the materials used. Look for fabrics that are sourcesd responsibly and use natural fibres or reusable materials - read more about fabrics within a BBC feature here.

Sustainable clothing brands include: Boden, Baukjen, Everlane, Veja, People Tree and Stella McCartney plus a new fashion brand launching very soon called Kit-London. Who all take sustainability and their supply chains / manufacturing seriously. On the High Street H&M has set a science-based target to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. It has also pledged to use 100% recycled or sustainable materials by 2030

One final tip - Take care of your denim - did you know you don’t need to wash your denim so often, In fact your jeans shouldn’t be washed that often, they will last longer and you will save water too, which helps the planet . Below is a guide that Comfort shared with me in 2020 to give you some tips on how to repair abs care for your denim.

We honestly all need to make a difference and I hope this blog post has given you just a few simple ideas that you too can take on board to become just a little more sustainable in your wardrobe.

What small change can you make today ?


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