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In the past few years I have been on a journey of discovery to ensure my mind and body stays as fit and healthy as possible. It is such a huge part of what I help my clients with too, so when Jane Lambert, Founder and CEO of ECG Training & Makewell Clinic visited my studio as a client in 2021 I was also intrigued to find out more about her all the services the skilled team of healthcare professionals at the new Makewell Clinic provide in Milton Keynes.

Jane Lambert. Founder & CEO - ECG Training & Makewell Clinic and me!

Jane and her amazing team have a vision. They want the brand new Makewell Clinic to become the central hub for health and wellbeing for the community in Milton Keynes, the Clinic is based in a lovely setting in Bradwell Abbey, MK and is already open for business with an official opening celebration taking place in on the 5th July 2022.

There are over 60 treatments available to keep us on track and healthy in our lives. Trusted, professional treatments that can be immediately accessed and individually purchased.

One of the newest additions to the treatments and services are the facial aesthetic services which include facial peels, anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal filler treatments and micro-needling.

Anti-wrinkle treatments, Botox and fillers are so popular nowadays but still I find it a topic lots of people don’t discuss openly. It is a very personal choice and if it helps improve your self-image and self-confidence then you go for it – no judgement here from me at all! Anyone who chooses an aesthetic treatment should be having this treatment for their own wellbeing, not to please anyone else though! I also think there is a thin line that can easily be crossed with the amount of procedures people have, for me any of these treatments should be a natural enhancement and not to dramatically change an appearance, They should help the individual feel confident in themselves again – which can be a massive booster to their self image and self confidence too.

You need to ensure you make an informed decision about your treatment and I recommend you only every use a registered clinic and clinical physician for this service and that is why Makewell is a great choice. You need to be sure this person not only has the training but the anatomy and medical experience to fully understand and administer the treatment safely – I will only ever use a trusted and practitioner to go anywhere near my face! At Makewell you are in safe hands with the highly qualified and experienced Shehzad whose aesthetic clinic is open by appointment every Thursday, I recently attended the clinic to experience the treatment myself and he immediately made me feel totally comfortable and reassured in his professionalism from the moment I arrived.

After an initial consultation to discuss my requirements and any areas of concern - always my forehead and crows feet for me! Too much frowning and sun in earlier life! He explained how the treatment works and how long it will last, which is about 3-4 months. Shehzad made me feel totally at ease and I was able to answer as many questions as I needed. I asked him about the effect of the treatments and he explained how they have been life changing for so many people who have lost confidence in their image. Sometimes they have been feeling self-conscious for years but with just one treatment a client can regain their confidence and feel happy in themselves again.

Shehzad tells me an initial consultation is so important and he will always advise someone if he thinks the treatment is not necessary or will not give the results they want– this is so reassuring!

Shehzad explained that my anti-wrinkle treatment using the highest grade Botox (who knew there were so many) would take up to two weeks for me to see the full results, so don’t worry if you don’t notice any pesky fine lines disappear immediately! As the treatment works and the facial muscles relax you will notice the change. You can book a check in and top up two weeks after the appointment if required but I didn’t need to as my results all look very natural.

I can personally highly recommend this service and as any of my clients will know I will only ever recommend services that I have used or experienced myself.

I have been super happy with my results they are totally natural looking - just the way I want them to be -I feel like me again!

Other Services

Other services that are available at Makewell Clinic include:

· Travel Health and vaccinations – always needed as the world opens up again and we beginning to travel.

· Sneak Peek baby reveal – how amazing to be able to book this privately before your NHS scan – you can even find out the baby’s gender from 7 weeks by a blood test and have the results emailed to you or someone you choose ready for your gender reveal celebration!

· Covid 19 testing and fit to fly tests (same day results) – I have used this service and it is brilliant!

· Advanced well woman blood test – this is my next purchase for myself, it is a comprehensive check and looks at everything from heart disease and diabetes to how your major organs are functioning, it will even look at my hormone balance!

· Allergy testing – a simple finger prick test by a qualified physician to discover what your body reacts to – as a Coeliac I know this is an amazing service as more and more people worry about what they are sensitive to.

My recommendation

I cannot recommend Makewell highly enough, ECG training and Makewell Clinic are professional and the extremely exerpienced team are made up of some of the most friendly, professional and dedicated health care professionals you could meet. I have had the pleasure of working with and meeting a number of the team for my services and events and have attended the clinic as a client too.

I will be adding all Makewell Clinic treatments and services to my approved and trusted list of professional services which I recommend to my coaching clients.


This is not a paid partnership or advert but a review of a business I have had the pleasure of working with and experiencing myself.