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Let's talk Jewellery, well especially necklaces!

I have my favourite sentimental pieces that I wear regularly do you?

I feel a diamond pendant necklace is a forever piece ! Always looks stylish, classic and chic. If you want to wear one and nothing else (as in no other jewellery I mean ) then that’s just super fine ... not everyone is a statement jewellery fan anyway !

Accessories, especially jewellery can make or break an outfit and need to be considered esepcially when projecting your brand image for your career. Plus with most of us spending more time on video calls than ever before a necklace is one way we can level up our outfits instantly ...

Here are some top tips to help:

Make it: ✔️

💫If the outfit and your style personality calls for it use one dominant / statement piece of jewellery - necklace or earrings !

💫Let the statement piece do the style work, not fight with another large piece - less really is sometimes more!

💫Wearing a statement necklace - keep the earrings small ...

💫Pick a piece that compliments your outfit think of how the colour, style and shape work against what you are wearing.

💫Prefer larger chandelier style earnings, keep the necklace more subtle or leave the necklace off !

💫Eyes will be drawn to a statement piece of jewellery so use a necklace to draw the eye up

💫Want to look taller and slimmer - Longer line necklaces have an elongating effect to the body!

💫It makes you feel GREAT - you wear it!

Break it :❌

💫Conscious of your larger chest - you may want to avoid pendant style necklaces that end right at that point (you know what I mean) - pick shorter necklaces or longer line to elongate.

💫Old costume jewellery can date an outfit (a bit like shoes) - if you like looking modern make sure your jewellery reflects this! Or keep it classic and simple with styles that never date!

💫I repeat sometimes less is more - especially for work!

💫You don’t feel confident with it - don’t wear it!

Top tip ⭐️

Hang your jewellery where you can see it everyday - no point it sitting in a drawer and getting forgotten, yep we’ve all done that before!!

Happy accessorising ...


Style Coach™️