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Hello and Welcome to my World of Style

Hi I am Janine, 49, and the Founder and Style Director of Own Your Style with Janine. I am so excited to officially open my styling door for business to you all…. I hope I make the whole styling process accessible and friendly. After all fashion and style universally unite so many people in so many ways! We all have to dress everyday but do we all own our style!

And by owning style I mean – making it yours, reflecting your own personality and your own style not someone else’s.

We all know that one gorgeous person who looks like they’ve totally nailed it every single time, and if you try to replicate it, it just doesn’t seem to look the same, does it? Believe me that isn’t the case, that person has their bad wardrobe days (just like everyone else) but the difference is they understand what style works for them and what doesn’t - they know what best reflects their personality, what styles works for their bodyshape, what colours to wear - they literally know how to own their style.

Some people own their style with bags of confidence, some people have fallen out of love with it, some people don’t have time for it and some people think they’ve never found it? That’s where I come in and I just couldn’t be happier to help….

You don’t need to be a celebrity with a wardrobe full of up to the minute designer clothes to have a well thought out, styled and curated wardrobe either, you just need the understanding and confidence to own your style and anyone can do it – honest!

Once upon a time we were all young, we all rocked an outfit just because we loved it, we played dressed up at school without a care, we went a bit ‘out there’ with our style as teenagers (usually cloning each other) and then followed fashion trends into our twenties developing our own style. Then along the way something happens, life gets in the way, we get busy, we lose touch with our style we start questioning ourselves - lots. We got older, we have children, our bodies change, we get even busier juggling life, circumstances change and then before we know it we’re lost with a drawer full of M&S knickers from 20 years ago and a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear!

Before my career in fashion I worked in the world of corporate marketing and events, for 20 years creating and styling events worldwide. I was also a Wedding Planner too, I love a wedding … But my love of fashion has always been my true passion!

My Aunt owned her own designer boutique and whenever we visited I would stand in awe looking at the rails of clothes the glass cabinets and the wooden drawers that housed all the beautiful gloves and scarves – all carefully wrapped in tissue paper. I can remember the smell of her boutique as if it was yesterday.

I came from a home where our clothes were beautifully made for us, my mums best friend even styled outfits for my sister and I (many an evening we stood there with half made garments being pinned together on us) and as we got older we also spent hours trying on new fashion trends in London at Topshop in Oxford Street (it was such a buzz even then), Clockhouse in C&A and Chelsea Girl (blast from the past hey!)…fashion and style is in my blood, it’s part of me, always has been and always will be!

Now I am opening the doors of Own Your Style with Janine as a professional Style Coach™, and Personal Stylist. I want to break down the middle age barriers to fashion and style as I totally embrace midlife and beyond. I want to help and inspire people whatever their age to be the best version of themselves they can be …

Welcome to my world … Welcome to Own Your Style with Janine

Love Janine x