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Great to meet you


Hi, if you’re new around here, it’s great to meet you. I was always taught it’s polite to introduce yourself so here’s a few facts and fun things about me and what I do:


Janine (and no I’m not French)- I was going to be called Nicole but my sister couldn’t say it!


Unapologetically 51 and loving it! I definitely don’t want to revisit my youth again thanks - I’m very happy navigating my 50s and enjoying life.

What do I do ?

I’m qualified as a Style Coach, Image Consultant and a Marketing and Events Consultant- I’ve worked in Styling Marketing, Events combined for over 25 years. I recently decided to step up my magic and combine all my professional skills to bring you the full style and personal branding services I offer to get you confident, visible and recognised in your style and brand image both inside and out!

How did I get into styling ?

It’s in my blood, my Aunt owned a successful high end boutique which I was enthralled with, my mother made our clothes and my ‘adopted’ grandmother was a seamstress, I was surrounded by clothes, style and fashion. My love for it grew but I also wanted to travel so went into travel and tourism, then to advertising, marketing and events management worldwide - theming/styling events for brands, weddings planning, then working at a College planning & styling events, graduations, festivals, catwalk fashion shows, live shows etc … creativity, styling and working with brands and people to become seen and successful is totally my thing.

What’s my style:

I’m a girly girl so I do love romantic styles but I’m also a classic and love some drama too

Who do I work with?

I specialise in helping female entrepreneurs, women in business, success driven women, who want to be seen and be heard and remembered in their style, brand and their business …

What makes what I do special?

Defining your personal image is just as important as your business and marketing strategy- usually people focus on one or the other so imagine what happens when you combine the two 💥- unstoppable success!

💯You can take my 🆕🆓 branding test & find out how confident you are in your personal brand-link in bio⬆️