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Exaggerated Style...

This dress has ‘all’ the exaggeration needed for a triangle 🔼 figure placing emphasis onto the shoulders and helping to balance the proportions.

People with triangle figures carry their weight on their hips and thighs and usually have a smaller waist. So adding emphasis to the shoulders always helps create a more balanced silhouette.

Balancing your proportions is one of the tricks of styling, when you know your bodyshape, and believe me no two of them are the same, it’s so much easier to style yourself.

This shape dress would be counterproductive for people with an inverted triangle 🔽 body shape who really don’t want to emphasise their shoulders as this will make them appear wider. For them they should add volume to the bottom half of their body and keep detailing to the shoulders to a minimum.

if you are an hourglass shape you need to be careful as larger shoulders and puff sleeves may throw your fab natural proportions out of scale! So what you do to the top you must do to the bottom - so an A lined or full skirt when worn with exaggerated shoulders will work well...

I could go on! These are just a few tips

and I cover all of this with my clients in their 1-2-1 bodyshape and colour style sessions and workshops either online or in person (in person post covid).

Dress for the life you want ... It’s all about you confidently understanding what works for your shape to help build a wardrobe or clothes that you love and make you feel great

Drop me a message to be added to the waitlist to work with me - let’s get your wardrobe styled for your life ...

Dress from Zara - SS20 £19.99 !!