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Podcast: Diets - do they really work !

Do diets ever really work long term! Having tried a few, some with success it’s always a million dollar question and one that’s shrouded in controversy - what advice should we really listen to?

Nutritionally It gets so confusing too doesn’t it! One month something we eat is good for us the next we’re told maybe 🤔 it’s not !!

We all know that yo-yo dieting isn’t ok and eating healthy and exercising is good for us but what’s the real story behind the diets and what should we really eat for a healthy lifestyle.

As a Coeliac myself (with a Coeliac teenager too), nutritional advice is high on my list of subjects to discuss so I chatted to Claire Baseley a registered and experienced Nutritionist to Myth Bust those diets and talk all about healthy eating and exercising for our wellbeing. I also asked Claire the foodie questions listeners wanted myth busting too!

Podcast is now live on Spotify and Anchor - link in bio to listen .. million dollar question, right ?

Podcast now live here on Spotify and Anchor