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Age is just a number !

I turned 50 in March this year and at that time I had a little wobble thinking about my half century on planet earth!! Was I expected to change, behave differently, dress differently- eeekkk?!

You see, it still frustrates me so much when I read press articles claiming in astonishment that a women looks good for her age when she’s over 50 and brands that only use young models in campaigns (although there has been a slight shift in this, but still not enough)!

Do they not realise us women over 40, 50, 60 + often have more disposable income to spend on ourselves than those in their younger years ! We still want to look and feel great ... times have changed!

The simple thing here is you are never too old to be who you really are, to do what you really want to do and wear what you love to wear ...

You do you with style confidence (if you need more of that keep connecting with me) whatever age you are and don’t let anyone tell you any different 💋...

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