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A very Peri New Year

NEW year and a very NEW colour.. Meet VERY PERI - the Pantone Colour of the year 2022.

All of us within in the creative world look forward to the announcement of the pantone colour of the year with anticipation!

It effects both the world of fashion and interior styling too! It’s not law to like it or wear it of course but it really does have a massive influence on the trends we see!!

There are so many ways to combine this beautiful colour with other colours as well as the go to neutral of black, grey or navy- so if you want to step out of the safe zone and mix up your colours try a combination of these :

I love the colour this year and the meaning behind it too - I’ve already embraced a similar shade into my wardrobe too with a simple oversized shirt !

Purple or violet is seen as a sensitive, calming and compassionate colour, it’s an understanding and supportive. It’s very regal and represents wisdom - it is widely used in spirituality. It’s a great colour to wear for mediation!

If you’d like to know how to wear this colour, if you can wear the colour, or how to combine colours into your wardrobe then maybe it’s time for a fresh approach to colour through consultation with me! I’m very different in my approach as I think some methods are very antiquated and stuffy! No dictating- no old fashioned approach to colour - just a fresh and inspiring approach to elevating the colours you combine in your wardrobe for you and your life …

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