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5 Fashion Trends you should check out for 2022 (and some you may want to avoid!)

Isn't fashion intriguing right now - swinging between our love of lounge wear and our desire to get dressed up for going out, there really is an eclectic range of trends heading our way again for 2022. After all. we all know staying in-in now feels as normal as it used to on a Friday night going out - out- things have definitely changed!

Work style has changed too! More people now work from home than ever before with even more leaving the world of full time employment for self employment and becoming solo entrepreneurs! Did you know an amazing 80 new UK businesses were registered EVERY HOUR in the first half of 2021?*

So what do we need to look out for in 2022 and what are the trends that translate into the wardrobes of us busy mid-life women, juggling life, families, careers and businesses! Our clothes need to translate from the morning rush to the school gates, to a meeting with clients, to a zoom meeting online and then (if we're allowed out) drinks or dinner with friends in the evening! We like comfy fuss free dressing but we want to look good too! We're used to it now and we want clothes that take us through the whole day to evening with ease. Making the most of our wardrobes is going to be key for 2022!

My clients wardrobe's aren't solely determined by the trends, they are built around firstly developing a personal signature style (but we always look at ways that trends a client likes can translate trends into wearable outfits) and how current colours can be weaved into their style DNA elevatng their style personality. This years brand new Pantone colour of the year - Very Peri (shown above) is already very popular!

Let's start the year with my first 5 key trends to watch out for in 2022:

Tailored blazers & Collarless blazers

I say yay to this - the oversized blazer isn't going anywhere but here comes it's baby sister the tailored more fitted blazer that looks fabulous when teamed with a wider leg pair of trousers or a slim cigarette trouser. Single breasted and nipped in at the waist - dig through your wardrobe and see if you can find this classic or take a look at the beautiful Anine Bing design here. It will suit all style personalities! The fit of this style jacket is perfect for all shapes but is especially good for a 'rectangle' shape as it emphasises and creates the illusion of a waist! Look out too for the simple collarless blazer style jacket (shown below is Zara), also looks fabulous belted. Simple, chic and elegant too!

BIG oversized jackets, shirts - blazers!

Back for another year this popular trend and vibe goes with everything! Loved by the more casual dresser this comfortable oversized, boxy shape trend looks especially fabulous teamed with denim! Now don't think of denim just for the weekends. A dark blue denim jean with a blouse or roll neck and an oversized jacket or collarless blazer works brilliantly in the entrepreneurial world of business attire too as well as a the weekends! This trend will be loved by the casual dresser but dependant on the fabric, cut, colour or style chosen can be worn by all style personalities. The Classic dresser may not want to push themselves too far out of their comfort zone with this trend though so may prefer to stick to neutrals! Maybe think Princess Diana in the 1990s with an oversized blazer, a sweatshirt, slimmer fit straight jeans and chunky retro style trainers!

Relaxed trousers

OK, this is going to take some getting used to and I predict it won't be for everyone (yet) but just as we've all seen a shift away from skinny jeans into a more loose fit, here we go on the trousers with an even more relaxed and 'slouchy' look is here for 2022! I personally love these in a more elevated style (like these shown from Karen Millen), a look we have seen The Duchess of Cambridge wear recently so beautifully! i will keep the more relaxed slouchy casual version of this look for a weekend - but I do love the idea and comfort of this style. Style tip: be careful if you are petite (under 5'3") as this look could overhwhelm your small frame!

This trend will be loved by a casual, comfy dress dresser but also by someone who likes to be a bit dramatic and creative too.

Maxi skirts

I am so excited to see the return of this elevated basic that is the floor length maxi skirt! We've been used to seeing this in a pleated skirt for years now but for 2022 it's joined by the very 60s and 70s inspired straighter cut style maxi skirt - think beautiful ankle skimming length! Truly elongating to the silhouette and such a great look with heels or boots! This is such a versatile trend and can be worn in so many ways. I have seen the classic pleated skirts for 2022, romantic boho floaty skirts, fuller skirts and dramatic straight line skirts with long side splits too. It's reminiscent of what was called a 'long skirt' in the 70's! Personally I love a high waisted fuller maxi skirt with a slimmer fitted top! This trend can be dressed up or down and will be fully embraced by the romantic, dramatic and creative style personalities amongst us as well as the classic dresswer too!


Colour is here with not just a pop but a BANG for 2022! Think rainbow brights, candy colours and vibrancy! This is the year where the colours, textures and prints from the 60's, 70s and 80s clash together. Look out for bright coloured handbags as well - this will be the easy way to add that colour pop to your wardrobe! lilac, purple, orange, green and pink - will all be key colour combinations for 2022!

photo credit Chanel website - spring / summer 2022 collection

And here are some trends I won't be trying (without adapting them) ...

Now, I am all for embracing trends whatever the age. Never, say never, I say! But, I do draw the line under some trends when they are released. For obvious reasons they don't all tick my style personality box, but working with hundreds of women I have also come to understand what trends we like to wear, will have longevity, can be simplified or sustainably built into our wardrobes. And there are some that I just can't wear and I do feel are best left alone unless you fully emrace them - Here's just a few:

  • Micro minis (aka belts!)- fabulous for a 17 year old. Not so great for a 51 year old - again there are exceptions here - if you have legs up to your elbows and you love this micro mini style then go for it! If like me you prefer something slightly longer, then an A line shaped mini skirt just above the knee will be much more flattering! I always wear these in the winter with thick opaque tights!

  • Bra tops - again, if it's your style, go for it! But there is a way to wear these well and it’s a trend if worn you have to adopt fully into your outfit to get the right look and feel. The only way I will wear this trend personally (other than the gym) is layered with an oversized shirt over the top or if its a longer length style bra top I will wear with a super high waisted pair of trousers, or skirt (as shown above) and or with a blazer! Not one for the office though and really for those trend led style personalities! Who are chic, dramatic or creative.

  • Catsuits - We all have loved the boiler suit, jumpsuit trend but now it's transferred into the skin tight catsuit. This will be amazing on those with the style pizzazz and personality to pull it off! Let's be honest here, you've got to be feeling super confident to pull this style off! If you are an hourglass or a rectangle in shape then you are going to absolutely rock this - for us triangle (aka pear shapes), inverted triangles and rounds this is not going to be our best friend BUT there will be ways of adapting it! Personally I still feel the trusty jumpsuit has a place on the catwalk and high street and is as a more classic version of this trend anyway that can be worn by all!

Let's talk accessories!

In 2022 look our for the chain belt - just as our necklaces have become more and more layered, now its the turn of the belt too! Personally, I love this trend, it can be classic as well as dramatic and romantic. I can't wait to see how stylish women adapt it into their wardrobes. Wear with dresses to cinch in the waist or add some drama!

If you want to define and reclaim your style in 2022, now is the time! I know it's easy to put this off, it's so easy to stay in the safe lane, with the same aspirations, knowing you want to move forward, wearing the same style and not evolving into the woman you want to be seen as today- it's because you are busy and investing in ourselves never feels easy. I used to be the same. But to be happy, to be successful and to be confident you need to look and feel like the best version of yourself. Your mindset, fitness and your personal style are key elements to this and you have the ability to personally develop these. You can choose to do this alone, and let's be honest you may get there eventually, or you can choose to fast track and work with a Coach like myself who will inspire you, motivate you, hold you accountable and help you become the woman you want to be seen, heard and remembered as today. The best, confident version of yourself!

There are a number of ways to work with me in 2022 - including my transformational VIP 1-2-1 services and for those not quite ready to work with me 1-2-1 yet there are group courses, events and workshops too!

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