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Choose your beauty treat! The perfect pick me up, regular treatment or pure indulgence for all your special occasions! Appointments are available independently or can be added to any OYS service.

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Your go to for multi award-winning natural beauty and tailored skincare advice. We believe in being a force for good beyond beauty in everything we do. From sustainably sourcing our ingredients to bringing you freshly made products that are truly kind to your skin, our brand beliefs reflect the impact we want to have in the beauty industry and beyond.


The ultimate lash lift creates the illusion of longer, thicker, lashes without the need for extensions.

This innovative treatment provides gorgeous volumised and tinted lashes that will last for up to 6 weeks.


Approx. 60 mins :  : £40 


Maybe you have been wearing the same make up colours for years, are looking to update your look or even attending a special event.  Within this one to one lesson I will show you how to apply your make up professionally to achieve either: neutral daytime everyday look / or a more glamorous look for an evening or special occasion. Group make up lessons and masterclasses also available

Approx. 60 to 90 mins : from £45 to £70


Skincare routines are mind blowing aren't they ? I hear so many people say, what do I use and when do I use them! It all becomes so confusing as well as what order you put them on your skin !  Do you know your Hyaluronic acid from you Omega Fatty acid ?  Your AHA from your BHA ???

Don't worry I am here to help. I  am professsionally trained and can advise you of the best routine for your skincare, age and your lifestyle.   I am all about using effective ingredients that embrace the latest green technologies.  I use Tropic skincare within my studio, which is all freshly made, cruelty free and natural.

Please contact me below to book a 20 minute complimentary skincare consultation and lets get you glowing!