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Develop your signature style, find your WOW colours and learn the  secrets to dressing for your style and your bodyshape. Discover the power of wearing colour and how wearing and surrounding yourself with the right colours can affect the way you live your life and make you look healthier, fitter and younger too! 


This unique signature style and colour session will nurture, enhance and elevate your style confidence and your self image for your success.  I want you to feel and look great!

After this session clothes shopping becomes easier too plus you can even save money in the long term as there will be no more buying mistakes!


  • Discovering and developing your own signature style.

  • Trends of the season - how to adapt them for your lifestyle.

  • Define your own wow colours with a full tonal colour analysis.

  • Delve into the psychology of colour to enhance your life.

  • Learn how to combine colour, print and neutrals within your wardrobe.

  • Express daytime make-up- how to use the right make-up colours for you.

  • Your own colour swatch (worth £25)

  • Follow up online style review with highlights of our session together. 

  Signature Style & Colour Analysis session 


Please allow approx 3 1/2 hours for this experience -


Can be taken in two seperate sessions if required.

*online zoom alternative available

Prices includes light refreshments and all pre and post consultation preparations.




Just require a Colour Analysis consultation? Please ask for pricing.

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Does your wardrobe reflect the women you want to be? Do you feel like you have a wardrobe of clothes but nothing to wear? A wardrobe that seems to be stuck ior maybe your lifestyle and career has changed and you feel you need an update?

This wardrobe management starts with a consultation to talk about you and define your signature style and then we’ll work together to curate outfits from your wardrobe.


We'll create new outfits from what you already own as your wardrobe takes on a fresh new perspective - sustainability is key in my service.   You may wish to develop a capsule wardrobe for work and home to reflect your style - I can help.  By using my experience and skills I will help you define and revive your style through your wardrobe.


When we've organised and defined what currently works in your wardrobe, have combined and co-ordinated outfits together I will identify the gaps and make a list for you of key pieces for you to go it alone and purchase or go on to book me for a personal shop .

Travel fees will apply for appointments 9 miles outside MK

VIP service includes all pre and post time,

Style & Body Shape consultation plus up to 3 hours in your wardrobe

Investment of £479 

Extra hours can be added separately


Already a client ? Just ask for details of my hourly rate

Online service available

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Get all the style inspiration you need with a VIP shopping experience especially tailored for your individual budget and style.  


generally now only offer this VIP Shopping Experience in person to clients who have worked with me previously.  This differs from free instore personal styling services as I believe it's only when a stylist truly understands their client that they can truly assist them in selecting clothes for their personality and lifestyle that they'll love.   With me there is absolutely no pressure to purchase on the day and I'm not exclusively affiliated to any shops or brands. 


I also offer an express online service via my ShopsShare channel.

Within my. shopping experience session I make you feel like the 'star of the show' I select items for you and support you to choose items that are right for you and your body shape to help build your perfect seasonal or capsule wardrobe or even find that special outfit for an upcoming important event.


During or time together I will share tips and advice on the latest trends and co lours to inspire you to shop confidently and build sustainable wardrobe that will work for you now and in the future.

Choose to enhance this service further with a follow up appointment within a week of our shopping trio to style the outfits within your wardrobe at your home - POA



Investment Price:


3 hour Star of the Show Shopping from: £295 

5 hours Star of the Show Shopping from : £455


includes my prep' time and coffee on arrival 


Per hour POA

Please note, a consultation is required in advance of this service. Packages also available

Online service available

Business Owner
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 Biz Bestie Success Check In 
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Time to evaluate yoursel & your business!

Welcome to the Biz Bestie Success Check In - it's chance for us to check in with and review where you are with your business, your brand image and your marketing too. You are in safe hands as I'm a qualified Style Coach™ and  Marketing professional too with over 30 years experience in marketing, events and styling, I love to help my clients move their brand image business forward for success.


Your business identity (the brand) isn't just the content that you create and promote, but the way you resonate with your audience too. It's essentially a promise, that is part created by yourself, and how it is perceived by your audience.  For it to be effective it needs to be confident and impactful.  


You need to be seen, you need to be heard and you need to be remembered ! I know that so many women in biz don't feel comfortable being the outward face of their business  They don't feel comfortable showing up online or at events and they don't always feel confident talking about themselves, their products of their services - but I ask you ' if you don't say what you do and how you help others, how will people know about you! 


Plus someone else, who maybe offers or does the same as you, will talk about their business and they will get the clients! Not because you aren't equally as brilliant but because you are not promoting yourself or your business effectively and confidently.

This online session is the ideal way to talk with me and assess or start your success transformation! And what makes it so great is this is all about you and your own authentic communications - because I understand you are your businesss and to promote your business you need to show up and feel like the most confident woman in the room (or online) - and you need to be talking to your idea audience too ! 

Within this one hour online session we will check in with your business to see how visible you really are  - we'll uncover some areas of improvement and discuss the toolkit and methods you can take to elevate your success.


You can then choose to move forward in your strategy alone or work with me as your biz bestie in future coaching sessions - whichever, this is a great kick start or check in for you, your business and your future self.

£97 - Start now with this first session introductory price