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“The Best Colour in the whole world is the one that looks best on you”. Coco Chanel. 

Are you fed up with always wearing black, white or grey?  Do you repeat buy the same dark colour over and over again? Imagine feeling confident and enthusiastic about the colours you choose and wear again!

Clothes shopping becomes so much easier and exciting when you know the colours that look really great on you.   


Colour has the power to increase your motivation and positively influence how you feel every day.  Dressing with colour mindfully creates a happier, more empowered mood and can help you look and feel more vibrant, confident, younger and healthier. Yay to all of that!


Within this appointment, working together informally we'll determine your perfect colour palette and inspire your style confidence in colour using my wide selection of professional colour drapes.   


We'll define your best wow colours and I'll show you how to combine colour, print and neutrals within your wardrobe to enhance your personal style..


You'll then be pampered with an express daytime make-up lesson showing how to use the make-up colours that enhance your skin, hair and eyes.

You will also receive with your own colour swatch (worth £25) and a personalised make up colour palette recommendation.

 Price from £159- appt time approx 2 hours

Online zoom service also available - contact me for details and pricing

DEFINE MY STYLE:  Colour Analysis & Style


We only have 7 seconds to make a great first impression! 

Why not make it the best one!

How great will you feel if every day you felt happy and confident with what you are wearing -simply by defining your signature style, choosing the colours and clothes that complement your style and your unique body shape!


This session combines the power of a personal colour analysis to find your own best colour palette as well as a styling session to define and empower you to dress for your shape and your own signature style.

Starting with the colour analysis (see colour me confident session for full details  we'll 

discover your best colours, we’ll then concentrate on defining your own authentic style personality and dressing your body shape, you'll cleverly learn the tricks of balancing out the proportions of your body and we'll define the best colour combinations for you to wear confidently.


You'll even be pampered with an express skincare and day time make-up lesson showing how to use the make-up colours that best enhance your skin, hair and eyes too.


I will share the trends of the current season and give tips on the best places to shop for your style.  You will also receive a follow up style ebook with highlights of our session together

 Price : from £297

Colour and Bodyshape sessions can be taken on the same day  or separately - allow 3 hours for both sessions when taken together

*online zoom alternative available - please ask for details




How much money do you spend on clothes you leave hanging in the wardrobe unworn? Don't worry, you're not alone!  Or do you feel like you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear? A wardrobe that seems to be stuck in the past or maybe your lifestyle changed and you feel you need an update?


Imagine how it will feel to open your wardrobe to see a selection of clothes that suit you and your busy lifestyle right now!  Clothes you love to wear and you know co-ordinate together to make different outfits for all occasions!  No more overwhelm everyday - just pure joy in your own wardrobe!

Let me get my eyes on your wardrobe and I can help .... I'll start by understanding a bit more about you and your lifestyle and signature style and then we’ll work together to revive your wardrobe.


We'll spend time going through each piece, we'll work out what stays and what goes! We'll create new outfits from what you already own as your wardrobe takes on a fresh perspective (sending anything unwanted to charity or puttng aside ot sell) - sustainability is key in my service.   You may wish to develop a capsule wardrobe for work and home to reflect your style - I can help.  By using my experience and skills I will help you define and revive your style through your wardrobe.


When we've organised and defined what currently works in your wardrobe, have combined and co-ordinated outfits together I will identify the gaps and make a list for you of key pieces to review and purchase.

Includes a 30 minute video call or telephone call pre appointment. 

Travel fees will apply for appointments 9 miles outside MK

 Price from £249 (3 hours) 

Extra hours can be added separately 



Get all the style inspiration you need within a shopping experience especially tailored for your individual budget and stylet. 


I can help you  find clothes that suit your body shape and  style personality to enhance your style – you may be surprised in what makes you feel WOW.


If preferred I offer a service to pre select clothes for you and have them ready for you to try on - ask me for details.    


We will meet first of all for coffee and a style chat before we visit a selection of shops especially selection to suit your style.  l will help you focus on items right for you and your body shape to help build your perfect seasonal or capsule wardrobe or even find that special outfit for an upcoming event.


During or time together I  will share tips and advice on the latest trends to inspire you to shop confidently and build sustainable wardrobe that will work for you now and in the future.

If we have not met prior to the appointment, we'll need to chat in advance to discuss your requirements and budget for the day .




Book for a minimum two hours - max 5


3 hours OYS pre booked half day rate from: £205 

5 hours 'OYS pre booked day rate from : £349

Per hour from: £77.00 per hour

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